QR Code Generator Features

Looking for a powerful and versatile QR code generator? Look no further than Best QR Code Generator. Our advanced platform includes a range of advanced features that will help you create QR codes that truly stand out. With Best QR Code Generator, you can customize almost every aspect of your QR code, including the background and foreground colors, patterns, markers, border, center design, frames, label, and more. You can even use your own images to create truly unique QR codes. And with the ability to save QR codes in .png and .svg format, as well as a live preview feature, it’s easy to see how your QR code will look before you use it. Plus, with the option to search for locations using maps and add custom watermarks, you have even more control over your QR code design. Try Best QR Code Generator today and see the difference for yourself!

With Best QR Code Generator you can:

Customize QRCode Colors
Using Best QR Code Generator you can customize almost every aspect of your QR Code.

  • Custom Background and Foreground color
  • Transparent background
  • Gradient foreground
  • Advanced QR Code patterns
  • Custom QR Code Markers
  • Design Border and center
  • Custom Frames
  • Custom label
  • Use your on image for your QR code!
  • Custom watermarks
  • Location search using Maps
  • Save QR codes in .png and .svg format
  • Live QR code preview